The Selling Success Article of Your Dreams

You see it all day long.
You stand in your outlet
and absolutely nothing

People pass your shop
window and sometimes a
person looks onto your
offered products.

Despite many motivation
factors for real selling
success like smell of fresh
food, promotion tables,
outlet designs, selling
shelves, outlet interiors,
promotional supports and
,of course, your products
nearby nothing seems to
motivate a potential customer
to consume something.

What to do?

Many despair and turn the
radio on, others shut their
own shop and try to eat
something at a city corner,
others turn television on and
others surf in the Internet.

It is a horror.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
and no one comes etc.

In my opinion the quantity
of motivators is too low
and also too boring.

Nothing seems to push
potential buyers up and
make them good customers.

Some hire a sexy shop assitant
and try to sell better. Others
present a monster doll in front
of the door in order to attract
people etc.

Nevertheless, all this is not

Hm, how to survive??

I have an answer! Try it with
specific music.

„Specific“ means to have a look
onto the country or day time or
season or event etc.

For example, Miami at night is
really a pure joy. Fascinating
people, fascinating meals,
fascinating cars etc. Remember
your last trip through Miami.
You go into a shop and listen to
such a music:


Wonderful or? You listen and
buy automatically. Cool!

Or you trip to LA and take part
at a beach party. You look
onto the swinging bodies and listen
to such music:


Ah, you see a shop and consume!

You can also try:





I wish you the best for your
next selling success.

Good luck.

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