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Better Business Day Stuttgart: „Digital Communication“

The Xing Group StuttgartBC organizes in cooperation with Mr. Oliver Gassner ( the B2B-Event „Better Business Day“ regularly. This time this entrepreneur-event has taken part in Stuttgart on January 23rd, 2015 at the MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft.

All in all 5 lectures have been held by several I think quite interesting professionals. The themes have been:

– Better Business Texts
– Technology Marketing
– Money for Startups
– Social Media Monitoring
– Business Weblogs.

I have attented to all lectures. Especially Money for Startups, Social Media Monitoring and, of course, Business Weblogs have come up to my full expectations. The other presentations also have been quite interesting.

Mr. Buhr from IBM stated, for example, that Start-Up-Business in Germany is quotation „Bullshit“. Some reasons are: financial situation, administrative problems, public capital, business connections, business communication, business knowledge, mangement problems etc. There is no doubt that „venture capital“ is needed in Germany urgently. Too many Start-Ups face especially financial problems and also managerial problems at the beginning of their entrepreneurial activities. However, there is no reason to hesitate to take venture capital power at the beginning. More than 300 venture capital firms offer their services in Germany at the moment. Hurry up, please!

Social Media Monitoring is also a quite interesting theme within the knowledge area online marketing or rather social media marketing. We should regularly observe the social profiles in question to put us into the situation of full knowledge managers regarding subjects like product image, trend, public relation, brand, firm´s image etc. Brandwatch offers many tools to us therefore. Before using the suitable monitoring tool brandwatch spends lots of time with the customer to choose the right one. That is not common.

Last but not least Mr. Gassner from OGOK stated some very important information about professional Business Weblogs. The most important recommendations have been: read other blogs regularly, use the comment function, link important themes, blog live events, meet other bloggers, blog content is king…

This friday was super. I have enjoyed all themes – especially the last one. The catering also has been very good. See you next time again!

Better Business Day