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Local SEO Google + SEO Reporting – based on Allianz Order 2015 as short film

Oh, the year 2015 was very substantial. The Allianz Insurance here in Pforzheim instructed me to promote an internal Allianz Domain in order to become higher positioned on Google (local).

Firstly, I executed an actual state analysis, a market analysis, a competition analysis and a keyword analysis. After I realized the real local competitors, the contents, the keywords and the actual state on Google that means the real local SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), I decided to invest into local seo on Google. Apart fromt that, the Google ranking for the Allianz Domain in question wasn´t the best.

One thing was very strange to me. Google´s Sandbox is a real barrier for seo optimizer or rather webmaster. Why? Because national domain server with older or very old domains win, instead of less seo optimization. For example, regional domains with a domain age more than 4 years won the struggle for the higher SERPs often. Google promoted them significantly. To be precise, business men who ordered and activated their regional domains won this fight. The early bird gets the worm.

However, don´t panic. You can overtake not only local competitors. Beside the seo onpageoptimization especially offpage-optimization is expedient. Therefore, try to create as many as backlinks as needed for your individual seo position in order to improve your SERPs.

Natural backlinking is very popular. Try to create a natural number of backlinks and this per a specific time period. Some other seo specialists create 3000 to 4000 backlinks in one month and only on one to two target servers. That´s bullshit. What will happen? Ok, I will tell you. Google surely identifies such seo efforts but since its important updates like Panda and Penguin (+ others), such seo techniques can be regarded really as old-fashioned. Not bad, these guys have increased their link popularity but not their domain popularity. Google penalizes this.

I started with a couple of really good (local) backlinks. And I increased the total number per month. Wow, and I got my Google honour – a really higher SERP. Not only the total quantity of backlinks is important for Google but also the quality. Quality means: where have you inserted your fresh backlinks? Did you insert them onto highrated servers with higher PageRanks? With much link juice to earn? With a good link text to server theme ratio? With a good neighbourhood? Or seo professionals would say: with a popular IP-address!

It is very important to distribute the requested link quantity onto suitable link servers – only with a good repuation. You will see, this strategy is more and more winning. And, after 5 months we overtook many of our competitors.

Ok, Google is so professional at the moment that sometimes websites or blogs aren´t really needed. To be more precise, some local pizzerias are fully presented onto Google Maps, Google My Business, Google+ local, Google Merchant Center and also on Yelp, Yellow Pages or Facebook local. And they really rank high instead of not-being website owner! But, I think an own site is much better because we can report about our business, offer our goods via an online-shop, promote our current marketing campaigns like discount campaigns via our blog or facebook or google+.

Ok, now you possess your red thread.

It is of very high importance to observe the e.g. monthly seo offpage-metrics. Why is this such? I´m gonna tell you this. After having postulated your Google seo campaign (local) please try to quantify your total or rather partial target aims. In other words, measure your link popularity, domain popularity, ip-address-popularity and sometimes your ip-class-popularity regulary. Then based on your offpage-data decide how huge the margin between your target and your actual state is.

In my practical seo experience i have realized that many seo professionals know much about SEO but only as great theoreticians. These guys are unable to develop an indiviual SEO campaign and to pursue it.

After knowing the actual state and the target state for your Google seo campaign, you are in the position to develop your target-aiming measures. During the campaign it is very important to observe the keywords in use. Make keyword lists regularly and adapt. That means exchange worse keywords by better ones. Do this within an organized keyword management cycle.

There are many free tools on the seo market. Simply Google offers many of them!

Ok, I analyzed the relevant and with the customer arranged seo data and reported monthly via PDF and an individual app. I quoted about the textlinks, the server-popularity, important offpage-values, some onpage-values, the backlink text quality, plan or rather actual state figures, the percental changes etc.

Last but not least, we reached our „a im“ by the end of the year 2015. We got the first SERP for specific keywords!

This order was really voluminous. Therefore I decided to make a short film and to report about my experiences with local search engine optimization via Google. Also the SEO reporting was interesting for me. You can watch the short film here.


SEO Reporting Webmontag Stuttgart

SEO Reporting Webmontag

Gestern hat der 37. Webmontag Stuttgart bei der MFG Innovationsagentur für IT und Medien in Stuttgart stattgefunden.

Endlich konnte ich meinen SEO ReportIstzustandsanalyse SEO“ im Rahmen eines Kurzvortrags dem interessierten Publikum vorstellen. Die Vortragsinhalte wurden trotz hoher Komplexität gut angenommen. Die Zuhörer waren teilweise erstaunt, wie präzise sich Google-Positionen, Google-Ranks, Webinhalte und andere wichtige Vergleichskriterien sinnvoll gegenüberstellen lassen.

Nebenbei habe ich meine Seminarmappe mit SEO Reporting – Beispielen in der Runde durchgehen lassen. Diese „eventspezifische Marketingmaßnahme“ wurde von allen Teilnehmern dankend angenommen.

Für weitere Infos zu dieser Veranstaltung klicken sie hier.

seo reporting

SEO Reporting

Veranstaltung Webmontag Stuttgart #37 / Vortrag SEO Reporting

SEO Reporting

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

 am 6.10.14 findet ab 18 Uhr die Veranstaltung „Webmontag Stuttgart #37“ bei der MFG innovationsagentur für IT und Medien in Stuttgart statt.

Neben regulärem Networking werden diverse Vorträge zu Themen wie Fairnopoly, Sharing Economy, Websecurity und SEO Reporting gehalten werden.

In Sachen SEO Reporting werde ich selbst einen Kurzvortrag halten. Mehr Infos zum Thema finden sie hier.

Interessenten können gerne unter Xing-Events mehr über diese Veranstaltung erfahren.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Nino Vrkic