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Why jQuery or rather jQuery mobile sucks more than the new Star Wars …

jQuery is a template software with
many plugins. You can create a simple
web site with jQuery or you can
programm a blog post or you can
establish a small e-shop.

The credo is „Do more and write less“.

jQuery mobile is also a template
software with many predefined code

You have to deal with many supplied
online libraries. Choose the right
one, e.g. simple site, and develop
it according to your own specifications
into a ready product.

However, as the „mobile“ at the end
suggests – it is more to be understood
as specific mobile template software.
Good for smartphones to see or tablets

The design structure of jQuery is not
the same one as the structure of jQuery

Both design tools appear in a much
better constellation while watching
in your browser.

Normal HTML5 or rather CSS3 structures
can not support you in the same manner
as the above software tools.

The totally flexible design of jQuery
or jQuery mobile is absolutely incredible.

No matter if users enlarge or minimize
such sites. The design appears always
in a totally correct manner.

I haver not seen this any before.

It is madness.

Also the navigation of such sites is
very precise. The link behaviour is
of outstanding quality. No matter you
youse PC browsers or mobile ones.

The backend world is also interesting.

JQuery works with local specific files.

Each site nearby has its own linked

JQuery mobile, however, integrates
predefined online files. Often works
with specific js or rather css files.

In other words, layout, structure or
simple design – site, links etc. – is
given. You as user can use this and,
for example, integrate some own html-
code in order to draft a site by your

Some new commands are given. Specific
day problems, e.g. call a person, look
onto a map etc., need to be solved by
using those commands.

jQuery or rathr jQuery mobile is joy
pure …


Shocking Ways JQuery Mobile Will Make You better in Bed

JQuery Mobile is top new. It is more
efficient than JavaScript. The times
of including complex JavaScript-functions
into specific web files are gone.

JQuery Mobile or rather JQuery are the
followers after JS.

For example, I had to study many different
books about JavaScript and programme
complex scripts.

The powerful frameworks of jQuery mobile,
however, convinced me in all questions of

It is very easy. All you need is to observe
specific CSS or rather JS frameworks in
the meta regions.

Also „rules“ as we understand as classes
or IDs support the common programmer.

Powerful libraries not only online but
also offline support our daily work.

Intelligent jQuery Mobile developers
have developed many of the frameworks.
That means, more power use, guaranteed
browser adaption, perfect mobile adaption,
able to be played on nearby all devices,
good in design, fast loading with super

Easy to learn and practice.

Ancient developers with superold Javascript
code are not in the position to follow.
Their code structures are too complex in order
to be understood by simple mobile browsers.

The valuable design patterns are absolutely
fascinating and overtake the established
responsive templates in all ways.

The answer is easy. Use jQuery Mobile or
rather jQuery in each respect. Old JS code
can be useful for some responsive sites but
it is time to convert.

Using jQuery Mobile means to be faster, more
interesting, more engaging, more fascinating,
more mobile.

Enjoy life better.