How can I find my suitable coach on a business network like Xing?

We all have the same business problems. Often we realize that we haven´t enough specific knowledge while working on a project, process etc. Sometimes specific knowledge is needed urgently, sometimes social conflicts disturb our success level during work.

Professional advice ist not sufficient for us. We, however, need much more! We need a coach.

A coach is in the position  to help us not only as advicer but also as trainer in each respect. For example, he examines the actual state, he defines the target together with us and he developes an individual solution concept for our specific problem. Also he supports us   during the process of realization the whole time long.

Not bad. But: How to find a business coach on Xing or LinkedIn? That´s not difficult. Since Xing offers his brand-new coaching platform for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

User only have to go on, insert the suitable keywords and press „find“. Wow, more than 50.000 indexed coaches can be accessed freely.

You may also find my personal profile on this platform.

Please have a look. Really advisable.