Feedback to

Thank you for your online support of is successful. For example, more than 300 visitors in average visit this domain as maximum value per day – regarding the time period January – July 2015. Most of you, thank you for visiting, come from countries like Germany or USA but also China, Russia, France etc. My blog als comes up to the expectations of my readers. Nearby 150 visits per day are the consequence. Not bad for my circumstances – as single freelancer! Thank you.

The strengths of seem to be the specific landing page with its teaching or rather illustrating background. Also the complete social media appearance and especially my blog. Further the mobile website and also the RSS-part – becide other supporting tools.

Some business friends have claimed a better design because some photos don´t use high resolution in all details. Others have said that the mobile site isn´t 100% Google-mobile-friendly etc. Ok, some arguments or rather improvement proposals suit me. I will consider this total feedback in my next relaunch.

I have made some plans for the future. in total is usable for pc´s, mobiles and tablets but not on the same level as really responsive websites. Nowadays users expect more responsive elements. This trend can be observed since 2013 – and it comes from America. For example, companies here –  Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and also Stuttgart – often use responsive sites to show their level of performance in total – also SMEs.

One of the biggest technical problems of is that there is no automatic adaption of the website no matter what www-device is in use. If Mr. Clerk from Ohio surfs with his smartphone he will get another site than his colleague from Beijing surfing only via his pc. That is a fact indeed.

I think that next year a complete relaunch of is feasible.

Last but not least, I want to thank all my users for visiting and It was or rather it is quite interesting to get in touch with you regularly. I ask you to comment some of my articles on or another social profile in order to collect important information regarding products, services, tendencies of my and, of course, of your business. At the moment I count up to 50 registrants.

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