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Social Media is omnipresent. Since 2005 escpecially Facebook & Co is developing more and more. First private people began to consume social networks and established the new online cyberspace becide Web 2.0. Then business men realized specific new business opportunities by using social campaigns into these new social platforms.

One day some Social Media companies realized that these „substantial social streams“ with own  target groups, own language skills, own meaning about the company’s products or rather services, own product preferences, own product disadvantages, own spending power etc. should be examined more exactly, identified and because each „social stream“ isn´t connected with the direct sale of product x – e.g. via the firm’s online site directly – connected together. More exactly, business men should leave the social network sites temporarily and show more interest, like some years before, one the firm’s website.

After reaching the firm’s website interested B2B-people, for example, should take part in a „Social Poll“ in order to be bound to the companies‘ products more strongly. It can be said: overtake the big human streams from Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Co. and let them take part into your companies‘ Social Poll or rather Social Voting. Wait several days, weeks and then watch your turnover exploding more and more. Apart fromt that, by studying the streams, their ideas, themes, pros, cons about your firm’s products and services I ask you to realize the necessity for changing the content of your product site, leaflet, business document and especially your product portfolio more regularly. In other words, follow the stream and take use of him asap.

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