why mom was right about flashes

Flash is part of c. And
Flash is very difficult.

Time to tell you something
new about Flash!

What I eperienced is:

  • Flash is something for 12 inch displays
  • below use jquery mobile
  • Flash produces rich content
  • a good tool for infographics
  • can produce your own videos
    (e.g. without youtube)
  • Flash is without HTML
  • Flash is take half only
  • Flash is anticscript
  • Flash is absolutely predefined
  • Flash is a kind of Formula
  • Flash is good for developer
    and designer
  • Cut pics n put together with some
    Script (how)
  • Flash offers super – templates
  • Flash is totally against HtML
  • Flash supports 4-5 actions per diem
  • Flash is client-oriented
  • Fla is true sh is false (old manowar logic)
  • Flash is 23000 times better than
  • Flash is not so good for mobile devices
  • etc.

Enjoy Flash. All.

Programmierer Coach Autor