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TUPAKO upta new XX


angenehm mild
äußerst pflegeleicht

verführerisch schön
äußerst angenehm

für immer schön

UPTA Design

permanent und schön und unbegreiflich
und hübsch und erstaunlich schweigsam

UPTA Marketing

wellenartig schön darauf
staunen darauf zufrieden
atmen darauf sich ausruhen
darauf kopfschüttelnd weiter
darauf Produkte erkennen
darauf konsumieren darauf


Hello, I am TIMBA.
Me is the new icon
on TUPAKO jeans femal.

TIMBA likes you all.

I am always placed left

I like service.

I like all products.

I like female Power(Z).

You can wear me to all
seasons worldwide.

You can touch me by all.

You can present me in
all branches.

You – booah – can push
me in all parties.

You can promote with me
in all situations.

You can call me at night.

You can only watch me –
better with some staff.

TIMBA slopes down, crushes
and let thing(s) move to them.

AIM: TOP Promotion!

Try it.


TUPAKO after

TUPAKO is extremely wearable.

TUPAKO is very smooth.

TUPAKO fits all fashion labels too.

TUPAKO is easy to handle.






































TUPAKO wearers should follow an own
life attitude.

Even this life attitude is supported
by a specific TUPAKO diet regularly.

Each buyer gets – according to TUPAKO
style – an own diet plan for his own.


TUPAKO – the new fashion label

Female Fashion meets science – that
is TUPAKO in short.

Promotion is very necessary. We all
know this. But advertising object
as main part of the promotion is
not always the same.

For example, we have a big poster
in the center of a big city. We
regard onto it and walk further

Within 2-3 seconds we have got
the advertising message I think
23 %. That´s not much. Ok, we
remember some hours later and
consume some promoted services.

Some days later we forget all.

We need new promotional input
in order to consume again.

We promote therefore classically
(TV) and in a modern way (WWW).

The question is: what kind of
advertising vehicle or rather
advertising medium do I need in
ordert to save money and to
promote many times?

TUPAKO could be an answer.

TUPAKO is crazy and its
illustrated onto an advertising
vehicle so called „drainpipe jeans
blue til black“.

Those jeans are flexible n equitable.

TUAKO is for women – especially
business women, who really want to sell!!

My guarantee: basic or rather background
motivation during selling proposals –
no matter location or product or season or
branch etc.

Qualitative advantages or rather
macro arguments are:

– TUPAKO creates internal satisfaction

– TUPAKO creates coolness

– TUPAKO creates own motivation.

– TUPAKO creates business talk preparation

– TUPAKO supports elevator pitches strongly

– TUPAKO users possess heavy support
during selling talks etc.

Micro arguments could be:

– the selling person and the product
or rather service are 1 unit.

Quantitative advantages or rather
macro arguments are:

– plural creation of purchasing n
selling always possible.

Micro arguments could be:

– some positive emotion within the
selling room with regard to advertising
medium and logo – cause of the missing
machinery seam.

My coure is: TUPAKO embroidery 7mm.

It is honest and full of niveau. It is
also very calm.

TUPAKO is female fashion – observed
from the scientific point of view.

There are also other advertising media
or rather vehicles during selling proposals:

smartphone in use, patch on a trouser,
classic banner in the outlet, skyscraper
promotion in the web browser etc.

TUPAKO supports selling success mainly …

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