where to buy …

You know it all. As retailer
in a small town or greater
city you always have to fight
with unsold days.

Often you observe pedestrians
walking alongside your shop

You can´t understand the
situation again and again.

They run, they watch, they
eat something, they talk
something, they puke out
something, they laugh etc.

However, nearby noone or rather
noone wants to step into
your shop and buy something.

Especially main road merchants
have it very difficult. Main
roads possess higher traffic
volumes. They offer more expensive
buildings. They offer better
restaurants. They offer better
products like clothes, electric
tools, household appliances etc.

Business people of these roads
pay more and expect more.

Hm, what a jam. Pay more and sale
less. Could be that our competitor
sells much more via Internet. Fuck!

How to stop this situation?


Ciao – like background musico stimulating
them …