elevator pitch – what the hell is this ??

We always sell. One fifth sells

Our selling expectations are
always too high.

Those who dictate plan figures
within sales or rather marketing
departments can only lose.

Those who set sales persons under
brisk pressure also.

Those who combine selling
successes always with invoices

Those who judge companies due to
their balance figures or rather
sales figures also.

To sell means to pick up a flower,
smell into it and make further and
not only dream about her or hate
her or shout onto her etc.

Those win who are absolutely secure
that they want to sell!

E.g., pure cold acquisition is bad.

I have made my own experiences with
Xing and LinkedIn.

It is better to look for a suitable
day with a great sun in a cold bar or
to give his whole selling experience
in a good meeting.

You will see – you gonna succeed.

No matter if it is a small talk or
30-second-pitch or a common elevator
pitch – you can always benefit from.

Elevator pitches are recommended at
great events.

I advice you to take only some business
cards of you – not more. Flyers or rather
prospects are old-fashioned.

Try to convince with your mouth shortly or
rather intensively.

A „common“ business card is absolutely

I ask you to think about your own web site
and to tell your business partner:

  • who you are
  • what do you do
  • what you can make better than
    your main competitors
  • what you offer at the moment
  • and how people can contact you ASAP.

Try to escape from your bad internal attitude
and to talk to your contact person in the
right way. Try to discover the urgent current
needs of your interview partner.

Don´t speak about you or your company in a
„winner way“. This is not so interesting.

Also don´t surrender prospects to your partners
without their permission.

Moreover, don´t talk about prices without having
a heavy relationship with your business partner.

Apart fromt that, don´t eat too much or rather
drink too much in business events. Often people
drink beer. Woa, this is totally awful. Better
to go in a beer bar in such cases.

Others wait long. This is nothing.

Many talk about other themes like women, soccer etc.
This is boring.

Sometimes people try to speak with their body –
especially women. Managers hate asses.

Younger business people play with their smartphones.
This is also boring.

I have observed in several meetings that
sometimes business partners don´t say too
much. They prefer to send an email one
day later. This is not so good.

Older guests lose conscience and quit.
Not so good.

Try to give it all in the first moments –
remember how you drive your car!

Try it at once – this is pure fun!

Elevator pitches are of great importance
for sales interviews.

You can sell at once or later.

For example, 2 business partners pitch now
but they sell really 4-5 minutes later.

They have talked up to 5 times within one
business period.

1/5 at once, no matter how it appears, and
later on invoice basis.

Please try to look onto the whole business
process and not only onto the invoices.

Also try to tell this to your shareholders.
Such guys dream only of your heavily earned
capital interests.

You will see, your business life will be
nicer and more secure.

You gonna be more independent.

I wish you luck!!