PHP – what is this??!

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a
completely new script language.

It is a more server-oriented program-
ming language. It can be understood
as the „connector“ between the client
or rather the server.

PHP is the glue. For example, important
form data like name, surname, email-
address or zip code can be transmitted
via PHP.

Normal HTML sites or CSS sites are not
in the position to support us with this
incredible performance.

HTML or CSS or rather JavaScript are
more client-oriented. To be more precise,
we call for a web site and the browser,
e.g. Google Chrome, gives us a copy. Not
bad. But what is with interactive web
elements? What is with online data sets?
What is with SQL-oriented data?

Normally you regard a site for several
minutes. Then you realize a CTA-element
(call to action). Could be that you press
the further on button and have to insert
your physical address etc.

Then a data set will be surrendered to the
web server hundreds of miles away from you.

Really not bad!!

Pure client-orientation is too old-fashioned.
Nowadays „common“ web sites work with PHP.

Professionals, not only freaks but also
serious companies, need PHP no matter the

Via such script code you can create shopping
carts, you can create online forms, you can
create web analyses tools, you can create
top powerful search tools and others.

Programmers using PHP should observe to
work with external files. This is better.
Pure 1 File Orientation (HTML plus CSS plus
PHP plus JS etc.) is too confusing.

A PHP example code or rather snippet could
look like this one . This means: print Hallo Welt on the screen…

PHP is more powerful than JavaScript. It comes
from the server in question directly. It corresponds
much better.

Try to realize PHP when surfing your next site.
PHP is also top mobile oriented.

it makes really fun …