Netpioneer Familiarization Day 2015 in Karlsruhe – Wow, what an event!

Netpioneer Karlsruhe has invited interested people to its Familiarization Day 2015. I have also attended – despite some humid heat.

First of all the company in question has introduced itself by displaying a quite interesting introduction video  between 15 and 16 hours.

Then the Netpioneer employees have shown us the working rooms, the canteen etc.

To my surprise I have to confirm that this company is equipped very modernly. Not only the interior but also the IT-infrastructure looks very progressive. Especially I as bookworm have prefered to glance through the firm´s IT-library. Super interesting books about Java, PHP, SQL or HTML have convinced me totally.

Apart from that interested people like start-ups, students, employees or other people should visit the cantine. For example, each Netpioneer employee has the possibility to order fresh meals online day by day.

After a 30 – minutes networking phase, where we have been introduced to really many Netpioneer employees, us has been given the opportunity to select between two offered lectures:

Lecture 1: The Truth about Lies.

Lecture 2: What happens on the net at this moment.

I have chosen the first one because entrepreneurs like I often have to face business situations each day in which they need specific knowledge about the other site, company, person etc. To find out, whether – for example – the person in question is a liar or not. Not only I but also each other person should know whether the other side looks aside or  screws up his nose or tries to hide the mouth etc. in order to cache something.

To the most important workaday lies belong:

– „I am fine.“
– „Good to see you.“
– „I’ll give you a call.“
– „We’ll meet again.“
– „You look good.“
– „We are good friends.“