Photo Workshop „Intimates and Act“ – visited today!

Photo is not photo. Consider this. Permanently we use web photos on web sites, on blogs, in social media networks, on specific photo networks, in photo communities etc. Some photos should, e.g. lead photos, product photos, look very professional, others, however, could look simple, flat etc. In other words, try to make a really good photo with a better cam for your opening web site and take some really simple ones for your next Twitter or rather Facebook postings.

But, we all are somewhere able to set up our mobiles in the specific photo mode and shoot some nice pics. What to do if a professional pic is needed? We all realize one day that simple photoshooting with mobiles isn´t sufficient from the expert´s viewpoint.

There folks I have visited the „Photo Workshop „Intimates and Act“ in Stuttgart – Fellbach. The questions have been: what kind of techniqual equipment do we need to make our professional shot? What is with our ISO-settings? How should we adjust the blend? What is with the exposure time? What are the exact values? How should we use the autofocus for different sessions in specific situations? What are the techniqual differencies between Canon-, Nikon and Sony-users? And, last but not least, what are the most common techniques regarding photo shootings for intimates and act – sessions in normal studios?

We have started at 1 p.m. First of all we introduced ourselves and then we have glanced through the above mentioned aspects from a more theoretical viewpoint. After the quite interesting testing phase and some example shoots, our model „Bianka“ has arrived at the photo studio and presented some really nice interpretations of  several intimates and act – shootings. Please have a look onto the added pics beside this article therefore.

Bianka started with some simple ground portrayals sitting on the floor with only black underwear. Then she has changed her lingerie from black to white and also her position: from ground to sitting. After that she stripped totally naked and has given us the chance to take some absolutely interesting fresh erotic pictures with our cameras like Nikon D5300, Canon EOS 600 etc.

After 4.5 hours erotic shooting and several hundreds pics we have decided to stop this action. I have made some really nice pics – my first intimates and act – photos.

Interested people can book Bianka for 70 EUR per hour regularly.

The lessen is clear: please don´t use simple cams or smartphones for professional photo shootings. Increase your budget more up to 400 to 500 EUR and by a better  cam like stated above. Please take some „good pictures“ with your suitable cam and that is it for the first. Parallely you should read a simple beginner´s guide for photographers and take some hundreds or thousands pics in order to become more professional. You will see, the new I think more professional photos will suit you and your audience on the web. Promised !

Contact Data: Foto-Workshop Teil 2 – Körperwelten unter Regio Stuttgart Xing